Virtual classroom version of the Quality of Service Training.

DESCRIPTION: As an international organization providing services to vulnerable migrants, our "customers" are different than those of the private sector. Customer service is still extremely important to our daily work and the people we serve.

What are the basic tenets of good service? How do we ensure we use good service when interacting with individuals in person and online? How do we ensure that are spaces are open, accessible and welcoming to all the individuals we serve? How do we take into consideration the diverse needs of all of the persons we serve, including needs related to disability, family, age, religion, medical status or having a diverse gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation? What should our offices look like and provide for visitors in order to ensure these needs are met? This training answers all of these questions and more, and guides participants through a fun exercise that allows them to build their “dream facility” and envision what perfect service looks like.