Virtual format of the Working with Children training

DESCRIPTION: This training session draws together the policies, standard operating procedures and guidelines that have been developed, as well as the best practices that have been observed, in recent years in IOM’s resettlement-related work with children, particularly in relation to the Central American Minors (CAM) program administered by RSC Latin America in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. In an effort to catalogue this wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as ensure our work with youth in other locations meets the same standards, this training addresses the human rights and protection issues surrounding children who are refugees and migrants, why it’s important to have clear policies and procedures related to working with youth, how to ensure youth are supported in the best way possible during their interactions with IOM, and how a variety of issues –including protection referral pathways, escorts and counseling on unaccompanied placements in resettlement –are currently handled. This session may be followed up with the Module 04, Unit 10 of the “Working with LGBTI Persons of Concern” training package, “Working with LGBTI Youth” if participants have taken the LGBTI Briefing Session.