In this training, you will reflect on IOM’s key messages on the Prevention of and Response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA). The online training focuses on six (6) micro-modules (each micro-module is 7 - 10 minutes resources. 

Modalidad Learning modality: Self-paced
Fecha Date: Available all year
Duration Duration: 1 hour
Idioma Language: English 
Costo Cost: Free
region Geographical Coverage: Global

cover disability inclusionThis learning course is for all IOM staff members who work in resettlement and movement management.

By the end of the course, the learner should be able to:

Define SEA and why its prevention is vital to the work that IOM does.

Outline the SEA risks migrants face in resettlement and movement management operations.

Describe the SEA prevention measures that are in place at IOM.

Propose how to report incidents of SEA if they occur. 

This course includes the IOM Tip-Sheet on ‘Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Resettlement and Movement Management’. You can download the Tip-Sheet after completing the final quiz.

Modalidad Learning modality: Self-paced learning.  
fecha Date: Available all year round 
Duración Duration: Approximately 1 hour  
idioma Language: English
costo Cost: Free
costo Geographical Coverage: Global

This Online Training-of-Trainer Manual was designed to help PSEA Focal Points prepare for facilitation. It covers key concepts that they must be aware of prior to the training, presents the role they play in ensuring the PSEA mission’s success, and outlines information to guide them on the path of becoming a great PSEA trainer.

Modalidad Learning modality: Self-learning. 100% Online
fecha Date: Available all year
Duracion Duration: Approximately 2 hours
idioma Language: English
costo Cost: Free
region Geographical Coverage: Global

cover MHPSThis training course is part of IOM’s PSEA Coordinator Capacity Building Initiative. The aim of the course is to equip PSEA Coordinators to effectively support PSEA activities at country level following good practice and defined roles and responsibilities.

modalidad Learning modality: Tutored
fecha Date: Available all year
duracion Duration: 29.5 hours 
Idioma Language: English
costo Cost: Free
regio Geographical Coverage: Global