This online course, based on the Reintegration Handbook, aims at providing a foundational learning experience covering the various levels (individual, community and structural) and dimensions (economic, social and psychosocial) affecting reintegration. The curriculum consists of 5 modules : 1. Introduction to the Integrated Approach to Reintegration. 2. Reintegration assistance at the individual level. 3. Reintegration assistance at the community level. 4. Reintegration assistance at the structural level. 5. Monitoring & Evaluation of reintegration assistance

Modalidad Learning modality: Self-paced learning.  
fecha Date: Available all year round 
Duración Duration: Approximately 2,45 hours  
idioma Language: English
costo Cost: Free
costo Geographical Coverage: Global



This online workshop examines the situation of forced returnees in the Caribbean as it relates to the main trends, challenges and statistical findings

modalidad Learning modality: Bi modal (Tutored with live online sessions)
fecha Date: Available 11th - 28th August 2020 
duracion Duration: Approximately 14 hours
Idioma Language: English
costo Cost: Free
regio Geographical Coverage: Caribbean

MigracionThe objective of this course is to strengthen the competencies of M&E staff and Project Officers involved in Monitoring and Evaluation of Return and Reintegration activities. This course was developed with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of the IOM and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

modalidad Learning modality: Tutored
fecha Date: 1 November - 9 December 2021
duracion Duration: 6 Weeks
idioma Language: English
Costo Cost: Free
region Geographical Coverage: Global

trataThis online course is based on the IOM Handbook of Protection and Assistance for Migrants Vulnerable to Violence, Exploitation and Abuse. It aims at providing learners with a common understanding of the concept of vulnerability as outlined in the Determinants of Migrant Vulnerability model and proposes tools to better identify and respond to migrant vulnerabilities.

modalidad Learning modality: Self-paced
fecha Date: Available all year
duracion Duration: Approximately 3 hours
Idioma Language: English
costo Cost: Free
regio Geographical Coverage: Global