RecruitmentThis course provides participants with an overview of the International Recruitment Integrity System (IRIS).  This includes information on what ethical recruitment looks like in practice and what labour recruiters need to demonstrate in their management systems to be IRIS certified. While this course has been designed primarily for labour recruiters, it is relevant for anyone seeking more information on IRIS.

Learning modality: Self-learning. 100% Online
Date Date: Available all year
Duration Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Language Language: English
Cost Cost: Free
Cost Geographical Coverage:  Global

atencionThis online course is designed to provide practical guidance to current and future employers on the hiring of migrant domestic workers. It covers topics related to transparent employment terms and conditions, compliance with international labour standards, zero recruitment fees and tips to have effective communication with workersBy the time the participants complete this course, they will be able to identify and address key challenges in the recruitment process. 

Modalidad Learning modality: Open self-enrollment
fecha Date: Available all year round 
Duración Duration: 15 minutes
idioma Language: English
costo Cost: Free
costo Geographical Coverage: Asia Pacific 

cover MHPSThis is a training course for business enterprises seeking practical guidance on how to recruit and employ migrant workers responsibly within their operations and supply chains. This module is aligned with international human and labour rights standards, as well as guiding frameworks on international migration. It is informed by IOM’s extensive experience working with governments, civil society, migrant workers, and the private sector, as well as the collection of good practices by employers, labour recruiters, and multinational enterprises.

modalidad Learning modality: Open self-enrollment
fecha Date: Available all year
duracion Duration: 90 minutes 
Idioma Language: English
costo Cost: Free
regio Geographical Coverage: Global

trataThis online course provides participants practical knowledge and exercises related to labour migration, responsible business practice, and relevant international standards and applicable legal frameworks. By the time participants complete four modules of this course, they will be able to understand, identify, and mitigate the risks of forced labour and human trafficking faced by migrant workers in businesses’ operations and supply chains. 

modalidad Learning modality: Self-enrollment 
fecha Date: Available all year
duracion Duration:  1 hours
Idioma Language: English
costo Cost: Free
regio Geographical Coverage: Viet Nam